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What do you believe in when belief itself becomes impossible? - pt. .5

 Belief in anything has become unfashionable and for understandable reasons. Our institutions regularly fail us and provide no vision for the future. We lack imagination, and that lack of imagination is an unknown known that we live with daily.  Every movie or tv show is a remake or sequel. Musical genres become entirely redundant within a matter of weeks after a big release. The technical fields are saturated with people performing cloned work of others. Leaders seek to channel the energy and message of previous leaders literally, refusing to acknowledge that the present day is different from prior eras.  For someone sincerely wanting to believe in something - what would they believe in?  I contend that there are no answers today. I will exclude religion today for the sake of our disability to prove or disprove any certain religion. In full transparency I think that religion is one of the things that maintains the capacity to humanize in the context of an increasingly digital and dist

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