I was uncertain of paranormal experiences until I had no other option. However, the first transmission was all of the proof that I needed. The events of that day were truly bizarre, opening communication between myself and a 3 foot tall space-faring amphibian. Wish I could make this up. 

It was late April, and the streets were covered in pollen. Streams of water pierced the yellow sheet, and the intricate cuts caught my attention on the way out of the store. The air was still, and the evening sun was falling behind pollen-producing evergreens. 

Moments before I pulled out of the Publix parking lot, an obsidian gust cut through the stagnant air and toward the front of the shopping center - onto a nearby sign. 


The details of the next few moments are blurry, but I’ll do my best. More gusts continued to write words using signage. Words flew onto license plates. “HONESTY”, “HPW”, and “PSYOP” are ones that I remember. Other people in the parking lot were frozen in time and space. I could make out a booming in the background similar to thunder. The sound reverberated around the shopping complex before the winds calmed and people continued at a more typical pace. 

After that surreal situation, I was freaked out and ready to be home. I hadn’t imagined this, right? Not a dream, no? I started the car and hit the gas in one motion. 

I was then about 10 feet from the sign where the first message was spelled out. All of the letters were on the ground and scattered like autumn leaves beneath the signage. 

The light turned green, and I began the short drive home. About halfway home, everything started again. Crazy gusts, rumbling, and clouds. 

I pulled into the driveway, and brought the groceries into the house. As I made my way up the stairs, i heard the click of our refrigerator’s ice maker. All of the lights went out in our house. The streetlights dimmed, as well as every other light in sight. However, the TV in our living room turned on. The screen showed a message “PUBLISH WHAT YOU SEE. NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU AND YOU’LL DIE IN RELATIVE OBSCURITY.” 

My computer started up with instructions for the first transmission. It was signed 'Holographic Pepe', and I was told to expect more transmissions. The document stated that the transmissions couldn’t be altered or skipped. Every transmission must be posted within a week in original form. 

Expect more soon, 



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